Inspiration for a weightless, free, light-hearted, multidimensional life in abundance and consciousness.

Philosophy of Abundance – The Philosophy of a New Divine Age 

This book takes you through our reality and well beyond it with a completely new perspective. 

The book provides deep insight into the world of energy, consciousness, and resonance and provides an outlook on a weightless and free life in abundance, gratitude, and awareness. 
The energetic truth, shaped in a physical form and explained philosophically, psychologically, physically, biologically, spiritually, lovingly, consciously, humorously, logically, and illogically. 
This is a work of art in its own right and has the potential to design paradise.

The Philosophy of Weightless Abundance.

The reminderof your ingenuity. 
The empowerment to true freedom. 
The inspiration for your awareness and your heart. 
The invitation to get you going and to live holistically.

Writings of a very different New Testament.

The Hammer-Inspiration for new and previously unimaginable infinite possibilities !

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