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Private Wellness Therapist on Vacation

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Holistic treatments for body, beauty and mental health & wealth

How about having your private wellness therapist during your vacation time ?
What contribution could it be for you and your family to have someone with you to provide holistic relaxation, raise awareness, harmony and vibration, and make bodies and faces glow ?

Energetic treatments to stress-relief, deep relaxation, raise your vibration and mood, and help your vibrant, living beauty blossom

Holistic private therapist I 3 Hammer-Sessions Detox Vitalization Activation

Tanija Hammer with her Hammer-Sessions

Tanija has a large repartioire of self-created sessions = Hammer-Sessions and body processes and treatments of Access Consciousness like the Bars or Energetic Facelift. She is also a Resosense trainer.



Tanija adds 1-3 sessions per day depending on the number of people
She requires her own room on site and catering.

Living Space / Property

Tanija works only in energetically clear and carrying properties.
I am happy to check if the living space is suitable.

I enjoy working in a certified property regarding the vibration and the energy level of the living space.
The Institute for Energetic Radiance of Living Spaces awards 3 different seals of approval / quality awards depending on the vibration of the property / house / real estate.


Price per day: 888 Euro
Week price: 4.444 Euro
Minimum duration: 3 days


Get in touch: here
or info@hammer-inspiration.com

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