Divine upgrade for freedom as a remote treatment

In this remote treatment your body and your whole being is touched, inspired, involved, caressed, transformed by the vibration and the work on the light level.

Energy and vibration are independent of space and time. In this way, regeneration, cleaning, detachment, change, increase in vibration and much more can be stimulated remotely – and even more effectively with some processes.

Detach from duality in a remote treatment

Detach from duality and divine upgrade for freedom

In particular, I developed this special remote treatment to detach from duality, as well as from dependencies and programing, from artificial divisions, influences, distortions, and control systems and to restore the original divine freedom and creativity.

This inspiration for cleaning and increasing vibrations happens on the light level of the being and can be booked with me regardless of space, time, language, and state of consciousness.

There are view requirements to do it.

The inner impulse is the most important requirement. I only to perform these remote treatments on people who feel this inner impulse themselves and who are attracted by this upgrade (who resonate with it).

If you do so, you can send me an email with your request, your full name, and your birthday – that are the little information I need.

As soon as I give my consent and after I have received 190 euros for it, I will do the work / upgrade in the following 7 days (week). I can give you the appointment, but it is not necessary that you take your time and attention. It also works, and almost even better, when it happens during sleep or in everyday life.

Transformation of Duality live

If you prefer to be treated live and it is possible for you to make an appointment with me, then there is a similar treatment as a body process/hands-on energy that targets the aspects of duality which our body has stored and integrated.

Hammer-Inspiration on the Transformation of Duality

This unique body process is especially designed to sluice from the body information stored in the body’s cells about the various aspects of lived and experienced duality and, with that, to delete the cell memory.

The body process is an inspiration of the body to release the inner strife, tension, pressure, fear, dependencies, programmings, distortion, etc. (see overview) and to once again feel yourself with ease, freedom, consciousness, and divine perfection. 

The energy of this body process engages in an in-depth conversation with the body and gives it the stimulation to restore its original energetic state and to open the possibilities which it in truth really has– without the split, limitations, and inclusions/exclusions of duality.