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Asking Creates Miracles – The book of infinite possibilities …

Ask and you shall receive –
Ask and relax into the answer!

This book does not contain a single answer. It contains only questions.

Questions empower – answers disempower

Here is the concentrated energy of the questions that empower you and lead you to a divine, free, orgastic and wonderful life.

It is all a question of question. One single question can change your life. A life full of questions can change all our lives.

This book is your upgrade, the trampoline that catapults your life, love and work into a new dimension and makes you the director of your life and the true creator.

Experience the best of yourself and rise above yourself!

The book accesses the knowledge that everyone already has and leads you to the memory, to your origin, to your heart and to the connection with you, the people, the knowledge and the infinite possibilities.

Create yourself and your world as you like it.

Intuitive guide for creators and those who want to become creators.

The book works with the law of resonance. 

It inspires you to dive into the energy that you truly are and to accept the oscillation that connects and resonates with what you want to live and experience from the heart.

Questions are also energy and create a oscillation which in turn resonates at the same frequency.

In this way, questions not only create a consciousness for yourself and remind you of your inner truth, but also draw the events and experiences into your life that are your answers to the questions.

The questions are energetically enriched by pictures from the series ARTanija

You will find inspiration as to what creative questions could look like as well as a basis and collection of creating questions for the different areas.

If you would like to really get going, I invite you to read Asking Creates Miracles or to internalize it holistically because it also contains energetically vibrating art: ARTanija

With or without this book I invite you to ask questions…

What would it be like if you yourself didn’t have to have an answer anymore ?
What would it be like if there is no “right” answer?
What if there are only “right” questions and you could change your whole life with one question? 

What would our world look like if people no longer looked for the “right” answer and people no longer had the “right” answer or had to be right?
What could be created if we all just asked questions?

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