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Access Consciousness Classes Workshops Stuttgart, Puerto Vallarta, Dallas, La Palma

Access Bars Seminar Workshop Kurs - Alles kommt zu dir in Freude Leichtigkeit Herrlichkeit mit Genuss Gesundheit Harmonie Wohlstand und mehr erlebe diese Inspiration mit Tanija in Stuttgart / Weinstadt
Upgrade your life mit Access Bars

Access The Bars ®

Method for deep relaxation, clarity and new creative energy

he flow of energy over 32 points on the head allows the mind to relax and dissolve blockages and limitations with ease. Clear perception and expanded awareness open up new possibilities.

1 Day Class  in Dallas / Texas           Date:  29. April 2022

1 Day Class  in Stuttgart                   Date:  22. Mai 2022

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Energetic Facelift ® Körperprozess Verjüngung
Access Facelift – simply beautiful

Access Facelift ®
Training in Energetic Facelift

The activation of energies that stop and reverse the aging process. Regeneration of the skin, face, cells and body awareness.

Natural beauty, youth, clarity, eyesight, freshness and a relaxed and benevolent body awareness can be restored.

1 Day Class  in Dallas / Texas         Date:  30. April 2022
1 Day Class  in Stuttgart                 Date:  20. Mai 2022 

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Access Foundation Workshop in Stuttgart ! die Hammer-Inspiration zur Transformation Körperbewusstsein Freiheit Kraft Leichtigkeit Freude und Herrlichkeit Access Consciousness
Access Foundation: experience freedom

Access Consciousness® : The Foundation

The empowerment to a life that really suits you. The foundation for a conscious life with infinite possibilities.

What if you could live a life in which you are no longer the result of this reality? If you could choose everything, what would it be?

You get a whole toolbox that allows you to destroy the foundation of the limitations from which we so often function and build a new foundation of consciousness with which you can begin to create the life you really desire. By looking at life issues from a completely different perspective, it becomes easy to change everything. With all that limits you, you inevitably function out of some kind of anti-consciousness or unconsciousness.
So what would you like to choose instead?
In the Foundation course you will begin to see the point of views that limit you and what you can change that would allow you to function from the question, the choice, the possibility and the contribution.

4 Day Class (multilingual)    Date:  2. – 5. Mai 2022
in Dallas / Texas US oder online (Video-Zoom).  

4 Day Class  in the forest    Date:  26.-29. Mai 2022
Bad Ditzenbach / Stuttgart  

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Körperprozesse Seminare in Stuttgart und La Palma / Kanaren Access Consciousness Body Process - Entspannung, Gesundheit, Regeneration und Entwicklung für deinen Körper

Body processes of Access Consciousness®

Inspiration of the body for health -regeneration – activation – development – perception – decoupling – detoxification – relaxation and new possibilities

Inspiration of the body for health, regeneration – activation – development – perception – decoupling – detoxification – relaxation and new The body processes of Access Consciousness ® are powerful, very dynamic hand laying processes for your body, which give it true attention and loving energies for self-healing and regeneration.

I offer some of the more than 60 body processes as 1/2 day workshops.

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